Why, hello!

Why, hello!

Hello! How are you doing? That’s a great shirt you’ve got on!

My name is Matthew Hartfield and I am a PhD student in evolutionary biology at the University of Edinburgh, researching models and simulation of genetic recombination. (Or “The evolution of sex”, if I wanted to sound more exciting.) I have a first-class degree in mathematics from Imperial College London and also hold a Masters degree from the University of Bath.

This blog will hopfully act as a means to explain my research to the wider world instead of keeping it inside academe, and also explain why science is so important to modern society, and explore what has been termed “The science of politics and the politics of science”.

I can be contacted by emailing stochasticman85 AT googlemail DOT com.


5 Responses to “About Me”

  1. zach taylor Says:

    LOL – LOL – LOL a question you should ask yourself – What am I going to need to do in my life to be satisfied on my death bed. ( some people don’t have drive or ambition, your answer might be to have a few phd degrees (worthless)) Oh, and – when should I get a hair cut? Academia is a joke homie – any normal person can read, study, and do research. Its easy and safe to sit in a library or lab all day pondering the same thoughts all day. If you want to make a difference and really help people, set yourself apart, be positive, have an open mind, and don’t keep your “talents” in academia – enter the real world and make real shit happen. You should study psychology – perception and quantum theory. The world you see is how you perceive it.

  2. zach taylor Says:

    Why, Hello? – LOL. I guess maybe that some people are better suited to sit alone and do research.

  3. Hailey Brzez Says:

    😉 I think you’re adorable.

  4. scandalousmuffin Says:

    I do enjoy science by liberal hippies. This looks like I blog that I would follow. (I got here by googling up Luminosity.) But it’s a pity you haven’t updated it in three years.

  5. Daniel Says:

    Love the name of this blog.

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